Monday, June 28, 2004

what a lekker weekend

We really had a fantastic weekend. Although it only started on Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed every minute of it. The party at the Field's was great. SA won the rugby and we spent a lot of time catching up with old friends that we hadn't seen in ages. The meat on the braai was fantasic and Ben enjoyed being the centre of attention. Thanks Dean and Lousie!

We then spent the night at Nico's place in Farnborough. Ben absolutely adores Nico and just wants to follow him everywhere. He gets so excited when we mention his name. Had a great evening and then Nico and I played X-Box after Mel went to bed. Great games!

Sunday was spent chilling with Nico, while he had to sort out some work related issues. After lunch we headed back to Eastbourne, where all Ben wanted to do was go for a swim.

Thanks to all for a great time and we will see most of you in September when we return to the UK.



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