Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Three weeks to go...

My how time flies!  We have 3 weeks to go until we head off for a few days in Greece, before holidaying in SA.  Term is winding up, with the odds and ends that exist as AS candidates are returning to lessons and A2 candidates are preparing for their final exams.


Benjamin has now been attending playschool for 3 hours twice a week for about a month now.  We cannot tell you the difference it has had on him.  He is becoming far more confident and is prepared now to play on his own for a bit.  Even his vocabulary has improved, which Mel is very happy about.


I am off on a CCF field day and night out today and then we have a formal dinner on Thursday evening.  Mel is off to watch centre court tennis in Eastbourne this afternoon, which should be great fun.  The weather has been awesome over the last couple of days and Mel even thought about going for a swim in the English Channel yesterday, but better judgement prevailed and she “chickened out”.


Have a good day!




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