Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sunday, a day of rest...

Well, after a very enjoyable and good service at Church (well done, Chris, Martin and Sally!) we came home to have a lekker braai.  Ben is all for braaied meat and gets very excited about it. 

After his nap, we headed to the pool for his weekly swim.  He was again very nervous, but warmed to the idea and was upset about getting out.  We had a walk and then afternoon tea in the garden (not that we have much!) 

When we arrived upstairs, all he wanted to do was phone Pa and Nana (Phil’s Dad and Mom).  Ben was disappointed not to speak to Pa as he was sick in bed, sounds like a little bit of a bug floating around in EL.  He and Nana had a very lengthy chat and after they said goodbye, Ben wasn’t through and arrived back a couple of minutes later to continue chatting.  I need to do some work for school now.

Until later




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