Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I think I may be Wonder Woman...

Christmas order rusks lined up and trying to look pretty for the courier tomorrow.

Sheesh, it's been one of those weeks. I've taught some foreign pupils; I've attended an ESOL conference in London; I've made some big decisions at a not-so-sober-but-serious Bloxham Festival meeting; I've done the regulation "momming" and "school-running" and "nativity-costume-designing" that two kids demand; I've been fighting off some pesky darn flu; I've looked after my friend's kids and I've baked nearly 300 bags of rusks. Sometimes I've just got to stand up and say, "I'm Melanie, and I think I may have super powers." Anyone else out there feel the same at this hectic time of year?!


Blogger The Carr Family said...

Whew Mel, I think you win as far as multi-tasking goes!! That's a pretty impressive amount of rusks you've baked (not to mention all the rest you've been up to!) Hope you've enjoyed being back in the classroom this term? Haven't been in touch for ages... Keep well and SLOW DOWN!!! xx

December 03, 2009


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