Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A visit to Drusillas

Benjamin took me to Drusillas this morning. It is a type of zoo, theme park, childrens' play area. He absolutely loves it there. He runs ahead calling us to follow as he moves from one activity to another. He was not really that interested in all the animals, as he as probably seen most of them before! The displays that had buttons to press or leavers to pull were his focus. The weather played ball and we had a wonderful day.

This afternoon was spent at the beach. High tide and therefore not much beach, but gentle waves lapping the shore. He was so happy in the water, we stripped him down to his nappy and T-shirt and he was junmping into the water. Melanie found it too cold, but we loved it. After the traditional softserve ice-cream we headed back the house to commence packing for Greece.


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